Old Soul Folk

You might call it fate, or maybe destiny, but what Midwest natives Louisa Soli-Holt and Dan Finch call their coming together is, “a powerful example of synchronicity…the Universe gave us the best gift we could have never asked for.” Both former alternative secondary school educators, Louisa and Dan were each being individually driven by Music to explore other creative endeavors beyond their South Dakota homes when they met, quite unexpectedly. A rapid romance later, their stories took to writing and weaving themselves together, leading the two over the Pacific to the Hawaiian Islands where Louisa came across her 5-string ukulele. Having taken piano lessons for 9 years and voice for a few, Louisa had never before played an ukulele, but, she claims, “She chose me.” With Dan’s translation of his worldly, rhythmic bass background onto the 6 strings of his guitar, improvised with ease across the frets, the two together create a sound that is as enticing to the ear as it is empowering to the soul. Their lyrics, sung through Louisa’s strikingly clear and penetrating voice, leave little to be desired and much to be explored about the depths of being and love and staying true to who we are, thus inviting a more intimate experience with every performance. Their sound is timeless, able to touch the hearts of people age 0 to 100, challenging us to feel the Music that lives within and to dance through life with its beat.



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